Baby Keme

Our Story

Here's our journey in creating homemade baby skin care products with safe and natural ingredients
  • Ideation

    We use our products on a daily basis. It feels different and we thought it will be great if more families could use it too!

  • Preparation

    Next, we carefully choose selected premium ingredients, mix it with exclusive formulation and pour our hearts and soul into it

  • Final Touch

    Everything counts! That is why we meticulously hand-pick the right material and design for the containers and the packaging

  • Awareness

    Help us by spreading the pure natural goodness of Baby Keme! Introduce a friend, let us know and we will reward you. Deal?

    Our Products

    We offer you a couple of set to choose from; Baby Yeop Set for a baby boy and Baby Yong Set for a baby girl.

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    TOP-to-TOE . Massage Oil . Lotion
    Baby Yeop Set

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    TOP-to-TOE . Massage Oil . Lotion
    Baby Yong Set

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    TOP-to-TOE . Massage Oil . Lotion
    Combo Set

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    Gently cleanses baby's skin and hair
    Relaxing Top-to-Toe

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    Protecting baby's delicate skin from dryness
    Calming Massage Oil

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    Maintain smoother and healthier skin
    Nourishing Body Lotion

    What Do We Offer

    Pure botanical extracts

    Plants have antioxidants, vitamins and all the good qualities for healing and maintaining healthy skin; and it's our core ingredients!

    Exclusive Packaging

    Our full set items comes with exclusive box,ribbon,tags and wish card; just what you need for a perfect newborn gift

    Recyclable Containers

    By choosing a durable, high-quality plastic free from BPA and Phthalates that can be recycled, we help conserve the energy.

    Lots of Love

    One of the most important ingredients. LOVE. We made it wholeheartedly;no question about it

    Natural Ingredients

    No harsh chemicals involved. Not a single ingredients that we doubt about. All natural, safe and sound


    we pledge to attend any queries or questions you may have, professionally. We welcome your feedback too!









    Feedback from Parents

    We appreciate every feedback and cherish them to the max.It means the world to us!

    Get in Touch

    We want to hear from you!



    Have any questions?

    We want you to know that we care. If you need any additional information or have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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